Speakers, instructors and drone pilots for Drones Synergies – International Conference and Capacity Building Workshops 2019

Complete Speakers, instructors and drone pilots for Drones Synergies 2019 to be updated  soon. 

Elena Buenrostro

CEO and Founder of Women Who Drone

Elena Buenrostro is a Certified Drone pilot, instructor and the Founder of Women Who Drone, an online platform and community that inspires, educates and empowers women and girls with drone technology. Elena's drone journey began on the Great Wall of China where she captured it with her drone. From there, she discovered a whole new perspective and passion for aerial photography and videography. What started out as a curiosity turned into a hobby and now career and passion. Elena's drone work has been featured in The Washington post, Fast Company, DJI, The Verge, FierceMitu, Drone Life and many more publications.

Gabriele Ruggiero

Business Development Manager at Pix4D

After completing a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, Gabriele Ruggiero began working with laser scanning technology and lidar software. He worked in roles as diverse as regional management, sales and support in the geomatics and geospatial sector before joining Pix4D in 2014. His path at Pix4D includes time in the training, support and technical sales teams, supporting clients excited to work with images and with new technology such as UAVs. Today Gabriele is responsible for the business development of the dynamic EMEA region, creating solutions for customers in various industries such as agriculture, mining, construction and telecommunications among others, where accuracy is a key requirement. Gabriele is now focused on consulting in 3D photogrammetry applications at a large scale, and has wide experience in international markets.

Dr. Ali Elbattay

Senior scientist – Remote Sensing and Drones Technology- ICBA and CINO at FEDS

Dr. Ali Elbattay is actually a senior scientist – Remote Sensing and Drones Technology- at ICBA; an international non-profit agricultural research center based in Dubai (UAE). Jointly, he is the Chief Innovation Officer at the first established and leading drones solutions company in Dubai; Falcon Eye Drones. Since he got his PhD in 2006 in the field of Remote Sensing (INRS-ete, Quebec), Dr. Ali occupied various academic positions at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia) as well as Arabian Gulf University, the unique Gulf Cooperation Council regional and intergovernmental university, based in Bahrain. As Associate Professor- Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics, he has contributed more than 50 publications in the field and has won international awards (e.g best scientific paper 4th IGGC 2015 best team for spatially enabled mobile application GISWORX’2014), supervised more than 35 students (Phd, M.Sc and B.sc) and was the PI of many research grants at both local and international levels. In 2015, he was the project initiator of “Drones for Geomatics - Capacity Building Initiative by Arabian Gulf University”. In March 2017, Dr. Ali was the project leader for the first Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry - GCC International course and workshops, held in Dubai (UAE) 20-29 March. Currently, Dr. Ali is the co-chairperson of "Drones Synergies" the unique and biggest International Conference and Capacity Building event in the GCC dedicated specially to "Drones and Artificial Intelligence/Geomatics/Smart Agriculture/Sustainability/Natural Resources/Environment etc. "

Mr. Charles Cockrell

Partner - HFW

Charles specialises in aviation liability and regulatory law. He acts for a number of Middle East and African airlines, airports, ground handlers, business jet operators and other aerospace entities on a wide range of matters. He advised in relation to the collaboration between Emirates and Qantas in 2013 and was part of the team that represented IATA in proceedings before the European Court of Justice concerning the application of emissions trading rules to aviation. Charles qualified in London in September 2008 and has been based in Dubai since January 2012. He is a partner at the HFW MEA LLP

Mr. Murtaza Manji


Entrepreneur, Award-winning Business Coach for Disruptive CEOs, Directors and Business Owners in the Middle East.

Over the last 7 years, Murtaza has worked with 550+ CEOs, Directors and Business Owners from over 17 different industries to achieve: higher profits, greater productivity from their teams and sustainable growth by creating efficient systems and structure.

From the corporate world and through running his own successful businesses, Murtaza gained an exceptionally strong knowledge base before founding his first ActionCOACH firm in London and quickly went on to founding Kaizen Consulting – the first ActionCOACH firm based in Dubai, UAE.

This experience, combined with thorough and powerful coaching in the areas of marketing, sales, finance, operations, systems and teams, has enabled his clients – despite the competitive economy – to consistently achieve measurable, sustainable, double-digit growth and form some of the most successful SMEs in the Middle East.


Digital Product Manager

Marion is the Product Manager of SOARIZON, an innovative platform for drone operations developed by Thales. With an engineering background, she has been shaping software platforms for 5 years and evolved within the digital ecosystem. Her experience in new ways of working enables her to lead the creation of market-fit and user centric products. Having been involved in the SOARIZON platform since its inception 2 years ago, she has developed an understanding of the digital market and drone usage, and is looking at how drones can be game changing to create new capabilities, especially in the Smart City context.

Laura Chukanov

NYC ambassador of Women Who Drone

NYC ambassador of Women Who Drone
Women Who Drone is an online platform and community that inspires, educates and empowers women and girls with drone technology. We do this by providing drone education including creative one on one lessons, workshops, online courses, prospective career opportunities and a community of women and mentors who fly drones around the world.

Leka Tingitana

Head of Tanzania Flying Labs

Leka’s background is in technology transfer. He has set up the Tanzania Flying Labs to build local capacity in robotics with a special focus on drones and related data products. He has also acquired experience in remote data connectivity, mobile health and renewable energy in Tanzania. Leka is a Tanzanian Digital Changemaker with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA from the International University in Geneva.

Mr. Ting Wen Ong - FEDS


Mr. Ting Wen Ong is an Aeronautical Engineer working with UAVs since 2009. His experiences are focused on UAV flight testing, operation, flight planning & mapping, and UAV photogrammetry. Ting is leading large scale drones missions covering thousands of sq.km in single project.

Dr. Amer Alroichdi

Co-founder and director of Mapping Solutions Ltd (UK)

Dr. Amer Alroichdi, co-founder and director of Mapping Solutions Ltd (UK). a UK firm that specializes in hyperspectral data acquisition, processing and analysis. Such services have become highly-valued resources in many fields inter alia Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Climatology, Crops and Soils, Forestry, Ecology, and Plant Physiology, Geology, Ground Truthing, Oceanography and Inland Water Bodies, Plant Breeding etc. Dr. Alroichdi through his firm has significant experience, particularly in the Arab world, in consultations to government's officials and environmentalists experts, with regard to spectral imaging and data analysis and recent advances in UAV in geomatics.

Mr. Ahmed Taha

Consultant – Reality Modeling Solutions / GIS at Bentley Systems.

Ms. Asma Al Ali

Admin Officer policy and regulation in Safety Affair Sector -GCAA

Asma Al Ali is currently Admin Officer policy and regulation in Safety Affair Sector in the General Civil Aviation Authority, she joined GCAA in 2015. Asma Al Ali plays a vital role in handling drone related matters. She was part in developing drone regulation and simplification of registration process. She has conducted several internal and external workshops for Drone users and drone industry highlighting key issues on drone usage, operations and associated risks.

Paul Mead

Managing Director for She Maps

Paul Mead is the Managing Director for She Maps, an Australian based company who is on a mission to increase diversity in STEM.

Working with his wife, Dr Karen Joyce, who is an internationally known academic using remote sensing and drones in her research over the Great Barrier Reef, they conduct drone edutainment programs around the world.

These programs bring the magic of drones and geospatial technology into the hands of students as young as 10 years old, helping them understand that STEM careers are diverse, exciting and there are opportunities available for them, whatever race, sex or religion!

Ms. Diana Siegel

VP of Mobility Programs at Aurora Flight Sciences

As VP of Mobility Programs at Aurora Flight Sciences, Diana leads the development of Aurora’s Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV), an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, and manages other projects employing novel aircraft configurations within her group. In parallel to early flight testing of a PAV prototype, Diana and her team are focused on developing the underlying technologies needed for safe, human-rated flight. This includes robust and reliable electric propulsion systems, autonomy and flight control solutions. She holds a MSc in Aeronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Queensland.

Deepak Pareek

CEO & Founder – Digi Agri Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Deepak is a well-decorated technocrat honoured as Top 10 Agropreneur 2019 by Future Agro Challenge and Technology Pioneer 2018 by World Economic Forum. He is also member of Expert Panel of World Economic Forum on Digital Transformation. Deepak is working on using cutting-edge technologies including Machine-Learning, Blockchain, GeoSpatial, Computer-Vision, Drones and IoT for improving profitability and productivity of marginal farmers on one hand and providing valuable insights to agriculture ecosystem participants on the other.
Initiatives undertaken by Digi Agri under Deepak’s leadership has Increased Productivity of Farmers, Reduce their Cost of Cultivation, Enhanced Quality of Output, Catalysed Sustainability of Cultivation and hence increased Income of thousands of farmers across multiple countries. Deepak is also advising various private, public and multilateral organisations in agriculture and technology domain.
Deepak is a regular speaker of global repute with honour of speaking at events of high repute including Global Agriculture Summit – Greece, African Innovation Week - Ethiopia, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of Champions (Mini-Davos) – Tianjin, WEF ASEAN - Hanoi, WEF AFRICA – South Africa.
Deepak is also a published author of multiple books on Business and Technology.

Mr. Nikin M James


Mr. Nikin James is an Aeronautical Engineer, with over 7 years of experience in the UAV industry. A professional certified UAV pilot and an Engineer with years of experience in flying advanced fixed wing and multirotor UAVs for Remote sensing and aerial filming. Expert in creating 3D reality modeling using remote sensing technology and a certified trainer for senseFly eBee.

Mr. Ali Seto

UAV Media Specialist - FEDS

Ali Seto is Drones Media Specialist and the person behind Falcon Eye Drones Media department and also leading its Marketing efforts. Having spent most of his career in B2B Marketing, he finally found his real passion in Drones when he joined Falcon Eye Drones in 2016. Inspired by Falcon Eye Drones vision to improve every business with drone solutions, he is now dedicated in his work to build Falcon Eye Drones brand and communicate drone solutions to see the world droning.

Eng. Shaima Al Kamali

Specialist – Policy and Regulation

Eng. Shaima Alkamali works as a Specialist - Policy and Regulation at the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) since 2015.

In addition to her responsibility in rule making and the establishment of rules, regulations and standards, Shaima plays a vital role in handling drone related matters. She took part in developing the drone regulation and simplification of registration process. She conducted several internal and external workshops for drone users and industry highlighting key issues on drone usage, operations and associated risks. She as well performed the first GCAA oversight activity on drones’ operator holding Unmanned Aircraft Operator Authorisation (UOA).

Rajko Bundalo

Sales Manager for Flyability

Rajko is a Sales Manager for Flyability with more than 10 years of experience in International Sales and Management. Born in Düsseldorf (Germany) and after finishing his electronics studies he soon moved on to live and work in Barcelona, Belgrade, and Zurich where he worked in international Sales and as a CEO before joining Flyability the No.1 Swiss Start Up of 2019 earlier this year.

Speaking English, Spanish, German and Serbian he is now improving his french as Flyabilitys Headquarter is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland close to the beautiful cities of Lausanne and Geneva.

He is absolutely excited about this new magical environment where he can help shape the future and making people's life easier. It's priceless for him to see the face of a skeptical customer who thought of the Drone as a toy but then realizes it saves him time and generates profit while minimizing the risk for the staff.

Dr. Hicham Hajji

Associate professor at IAV Institute

Pr. Hicham Hajji is an associate professor at IAV Institute, Rabat, Morocco. He received a PhD (2005) and MSc (2001) in Computer Sciences from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon – INSA-Lyon, France. In 1999 he received an Engineer degree of Surveying from IAV Institute. Since 2001, he has occupied several positions such as Lecturer, IT consultant, and Research & Development engineer. He has been involved in more than 15 projects (technical and research projects) ranging from Financial Data Warehousing, GIS to Big Data with international and national institutions such as United Nations UNIDO, USAID , Natixis Bank and European Union. His major research interests lie in Big Data management using scalable approaches and Spatial Data Management. He was recently awarded the Water Innovation Fellowship from USAID and the Azure for Research Awards for ML (Machine Learning) from Microsoft. He is leading a research group working on applications of Spatial Big Data management and Machine Learning on Urban Management, Telco, Water management and Forest management.

Ms. Mouza Al Sawafi

Inspecting Officer – Aviation Safety Affairs & Innovation Ambassador (GCAA-UAE)

Ms. Mouza Al Sawafi Mouza works as inspecting officer Aviation Safety - GCAA since 2017 and before that she was in Aviation Security for 8 years. Mouza current role is receive and review all the drone operation application and she arranged many meetings with stakeholders to update the drone map.

Ms. Mouza has a Bachelor in E-Commerce form Higher Colleges of Technology and a Master in Quality Management
Intelligent & Threat Assessment Senior Officer – Aviation Security (5 Years) at GCAA (UAE), Currently Inspecting Officer – Aviation Safety Affairs and Innovation Ambassador at GCAA UAE. She is also very active as volunteer whil she is EFQM Validator

Prof. Dr. Eran A. Edirisinghe

Professor of Digital Imaging - Loughborough University

Professor of Digital Imaging, Head, Department of Computer Science / Associate Dean, Enterprise, School of Science, Loughborough University. UK

Loughborough University,
Department of Computer Science,

Mr. Rabih Bou Rashid

Chief Executive Officer - FEDS

Mr. Rabih Bou Rashid is an entrepreneur with an eye for technology, he founded Falcon Eye Drones (FEDS) in 2014 the First remote sensing company using drones only in the Middle East. Trained in Germany and France in the fields of drone piloting and photogrammetry. After 3 years of regional experience a very good and up to date knowledge with all the regional laws governing the use of drones. Mr Rabih successfully ran FEDs for the last 6 years into an international standard regional drone service company.

Mr. Ayman Khatib

Regional Director - MENAT | Ideal Systems L.L.C

Ayman has more that 13 years of experience in broadcast and telecommunications industries, excellent awareness of IT technologies, uncompressed video over IP facility design, Video compression, Cable TV, IPTV, DTH, Terrestrial broadcast network and digital video contribution networks. He has been involved with a variety of projects and assignments that require delivering cutting edge products to market and solutions to customers' challenging applications. Graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and a member of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

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