Conference structure

Drones Synergies has four components for different audiences; namely Drones Synergies Professional, Drones Synergies Academic, Drones Synergies Outreach and Drones Synergies Edutainment.

Program Schedule

Drones Synergies – Professional

DS-Professional is the capacity building and training component of Drones Synergies. It encompasses a series of 48, scientific, technological, engineering and management training workshops; of 90 minutes each. The workshops are clustered in bundles of three as a unique training package targeting a specific topic, application or industry and destined to a specific category of stakeholders. In addition, drones field trials/demo and hands-on computer sessions are offered for participants to provide them with practical learning experience.

Drones Synergies – Academic

DS-Academic is the research and innovation component of the Drones Synergies. It is a gateway for researchers, scientists, academics, PG students to showcase and share their research findings with peers. Oral presentations and Posters sessions are part of the program as well as plenary sessions/keynote speeches delivered by leading researchers. Drones Synergies provide drones data via its programme “Drones Innovation SandBox™” to its network as open source, where researchers can work on the data during the whole year and come present their results during the conference. A due diligence and peer reviewed process from the scientific committee is observed, as for all respectful academic/research conferences, to assert a high quality of presentations. Research Papers are published in conference proceeding and/or selected scientific journals.

Drones Synergies – Outreach

This component of the conference is intended to reach out to a larger community of stakeholders such as managers, government officials, and industry leaders to create the perfect environment for networking and getting more insights on relevant opportunities. The activities planned for DS-Outreach are the exhibition, round-tables, gala dinner, live drones demonstrations and the Excellence in Drones Implementation Award ceremony.

Drones Synergies – Edutainment

Via Drones Synergies established “Drones Connect™” Network, enrolled higher education institutions as well as other entitled organizations, will have a full program of activities including an indoor drones race, a contest and trials, access to exhibition, drones indoor show. The objective is to provide younger generation with enough exposure to drones advancements, insights, trends and related jobs of future


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